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10 Healthy Meals That Won't Ruin Your Diet

If you’re like me and my group of sister friends, you’re in “get your life” mode and working on getting your body back to its happy place. You’re putting in serious work – at home or in the gym – cardio, strength training, or a combination of both. If you’ve been consistent, you’re probably starting to notice some changes in your body and in your appetite, both of which are good. But don’t let your increased appetite fool you into thinking you can go hard in the paint eating whatever you want just because you’re working out. Instead, fuel your body with healthy meals that won't ruin your diet.

Need some healthy meal ideas? Here's a list of my favorite go-to meals and snacks that take me from hangry to happy and help me keep my fitness goals in check.

1. Spinach mushroom scrambled eggs - Taste of Home

spinach mushroom eggs

2. Southwestern kale power salad - Cookie and Kate

kale power salad

3. Avocado tuna salad - Natasha's Kitchen

avocado tuna salad

4. Chile lime salmon fajita salad - Half Baked Harvest

salmon salad

5. Banana berry smoothie bowl - Begin with Nutrition

smoothie bowl

6. Skinny chocolate peanut butter banana shake - One Sweet Mess

skinny chocolate shake

7. Tropical fruit salad - The Slow Roasted Italian

fruit salad

8. Coconut vanilla popsicles - The Organic Dietician

coconut popsicles

9. Plantain chips & guacamole - Modern Parents Messy Kids

plantain chips

10. Stuffed sweet peppers - My Life Cookbook

stuffed sweet peppers

Have a favorite healthy meal or snack you want to share? Leave a comment below. Until next time...keep pressing.

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