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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Something salty? Something sweet? These chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect snack to feed your craving!

So, I have a thing about paying for food that I can make at home. Every now and then when a craving hits, I'll give in, but most times, I'm determined to hold off until I can find a way and the time to duplicate the recipe. Case in point: chocolate covered pretzels. Without fail retailers place that shiny blue bag of Flipz in the impulse aisle, and they catch my eye every single time. Most recently they got my kids. It was like all three of them heard this voice in the checkout aisle saying, 'Hey, tell your mom to buy me!' As they begged and begged, a voice in my head said, 'But they're $3.00 a bag!

Say what you will, but the thought of spending that much for chocolate covered pretzels that don't even qualify as gourmet makes me cringe. I caved that day because pretzels were a better pre-dinner option than the alternative, which was ditching a homemade meal for kids meals at a local fast food joint. But I was determined that was the last time. And so, I set out to make my own.


This recipe gives me all the feels because...

  • The ingredients are inexpensive

  • It's a cinch to make

  • It yields way more pretzels than those $3.00 store bought bags

What you need to make chocolate covered pretzels

  • Pretzels: Pretzels rods or twists work, but I find pretzel twists are easier to store.

  • Chocolate: Some recipes call for melting wafers, but since these pretzels are coated in ganache (a delicious blend of chocolate and heavy cream), I prefer to use dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips or Baker's semi-sweet chocolate bars.

  • Heavy cream and butter: These are used to make the ganache and add a hearty richness and shine to the chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe

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