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Cool! The short version:  I'm Aiysha...a happily married mother of three pretty awesome (and comical) children. The girl everyone wants to be? Yeah...I'm not her. I'm a sometimes over-the-top creative with deep-seated faith and a propensity for cooking and eating indulgent foods. 

I'm an introvert who'd much rather curl up with a good book and my thoughts than be in a room filled with people and forced to make small talk. And while I'm not much of a talker (at least I don't think I am) I am definitely a writer. Writing is my thing, my happy place, and the reason I started fifteen thirty-one.


I wanted to create a community in which passion, creativity and purpose collide to make ordinary moments extraordinary; a place where women are inspired to live intentionally, fully and expectantly, leaving no idea, dream, gift or talent untapped.


So...welcome to my world!

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Living Your Best Life 


If life is what you make it, why not make it your best life ever? Every post and idea shared in this space is intended to inspire you to live your best life by living intentionally, fully, and expectantly.

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Live intentionally.

Every day we wake up is an opportunity. So, live boldly and purposefully. Live to make every moment count, and count every moment as a chance to create meaningful experiences that inspire those watching your story unfold.

Live fully.

Remember what sets you apart and what sets your soul on fire. Live fearlessly in pursuit of what you have been called to do, letting no gift or talent go unused, and no idea nor dream unexplored. Live a life completely poured out. 

Live expectantly.

Live with the expectation that great things are in store for you and those to whom you are connected. Look for the good even in the midst of chaos. Be patient while on your journey, wherever it may lead. Be confident that the best is yet to come! 

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Ready to Unlock Your Power to Inspire?

Everything I share is designed to inspire you so that you can inspire others.

Head on over to the blog for your next great idea.

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