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The Kingdom, Your Marriage and Your Kids

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

If you search the Web for “things every woman should invest in” the results might include anything from a neutral handbag to a pair of black pumps. But what I am going to share with you today are some things we can invest in that make a much bolder statement than an overpriced handbag and that will take us further in the long run than those cute little pumps that we know good and well are killing our feet. And we’re off!

1. Invest in the Kingdom. Our goal in everything we do should be to bring God glory. What better way to do this than by giving toward the building up of His Kingdom?

In Luke 6:38 we have a clear promise from God – the God who owns everything --that if we give, we are sure to receive in return more than we could ever imagine. So why not invest in ministry?

I’m not talking about sending money to some televangelist with whom you have no relationship and promises you a fancy prayer cloth. I’m talking about investing in your local ministry. Yes, invest your hard-earned money in financing the Kingdom. If finances are tight and you feel like you don’t have any extra room to give, try implementing some of those money-saving tips from last week’s post and using what you save to make your next investment. Did I just step on some toes? Don’t worry. The pain is temporary. The reward for your obedience…that’s eternal.

If money is no issue and you’re already a liberal giver, kudos to you. But you too have more to invest. Those God-given gifts and talents you’re not using, try putting those to work. Ask God to show you how to use them to: help your local church have a greater impact in your community, help people experience His love and contribute to the continued spiritual growth of your brothers and sisters in Christ. You can’t go wrong investing in God’s Kingdom. Trust what I tell you. God’s return on investment makes a good day on the NYSE look like a dud.

2. Invest in your marriage. One thing my local ministry has impressed upon me is the importance of investing in my marriage, which is why we hold annual marriage retreats. At the end of the year, I can literally look back at my bank statements to see where I’ve sown seeds into building a marriage that not only makes me happy to be a part of, but also encourages and inspires others. If your marriage isn’t your happy place, perhaps you’re investing in the wrong things.

Where is your treasure? If you’re not experiencing the kind of marriage you want, you may need to change how you’re allocating your investments. If you see your 401(k) isn’t yielding the return you want, you make the necessary adjustments, right? You are intentional about your investments because you’re expecting a certain return. The same concept holds true for our marriages. We have to be intentional about our investments if we expect to have the type of marriage God intended.

These investments don’t always have to be monetary. Sometimes it’s just about spending time together and enjoying each others company. Find a way to be alone together – without the kids. Use this alone time to talk about where you are, your dreams and plans for the future. If there are problems or concerns that need to be addressed, this is the time to do it. Talk about your needs, what’s changed, and how to accommodate those changes. Have fun and find ways to acknowledge the beauty of what you both bring to your relationship.

Just like that 401(k), you only get out of your marriage what you put in. If you quit, if you stop investing, then you risk not seeing all that it had the potential to be. But if you choose to make investing in your marriage a priority, you not only get to enjoy a rich marriage today, but you also now have a solid example – an inheritance – to leave for your children.

3. Invest in your children. She goes to inspect a field and buys it; with her earnings she plants a vineyard. (Proverbs 31:16) In this Scripture, the Virtuous Woman has invested in what she believes has the potential to become something great. But before she buys it, she looks at it closely, studies it, perhaps trying to determine what seeds she needs to sow in order for it to become all she believes in can be.

If you have children, when was the last time you studied them like the Virtuous Woman studied her field? When was the last time you stopped what you were doing long enough to really look at them and think about what they need from you in order to be their very best? What seeds are you sowing into their lives now to produce the type of harvest that you (and God) will be pleased with in the future? Time? Love? The word of God? Undivided attention? Praise? Pouring these things into our children carries more value than any material thing that we could ever give them.

If our children are lacking in any area of their lives -- guidance, self-worth, wisdom, confidence -- could it be because we don’t see them as the gifts that they are? Even in our worst state, Christ saw our potential. He recognized that we are gifts. And he invested his life for us. What investment are you willing to make for your children?

As women striving to inspire others to uphold Godly standards, we have to be very mindful of the amount of emphasis we put on things that this world tells us are important. In John 17:16, Jesus reminds us that we do not belong to this world; therefore, we shouldn’t subscribe to its standards, but rather, to his. I’m not saying that we can’t have fun and enjoy life – or have the trendy handbag and cute pumps. But what I am saying is let’s not get so caught up in those things that we miss investing in the things that are directly tied to our purpose – thing that ultimately have a more far-reaching (and eternal) impact.

I challenge you to spend the next seven days making intentional investments in the Kingdom, your marriage, and your kids. Don’t forget to share your investments (and those ROIs) on my Facebook page or in the comments below. Love!!

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