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A Letter to My Mom

Growing up, the best example that I had of a Virtuous Woman was right in my own home. I have no doubt that I'm the woman and wife that I am today because of my mom's love, her teaching and her demonstration of the characteristics that I strive to uphold. I recently wrote her a letter, which I'm happy to share here in hopes that her life will inspire others the way it inspired me.


May 10, 2017

Dear Mom,

During my often-hectic days, a lot of things cross my mind. I spend a lot of time reflecting on how God has blessed me with so many things that I don’t deserve, and with so many people without whom, my world would be completely upside down – people like you. There’s no card that could ever express how I feel about you and about our relationship…so you’re getting this letter.

Above all, I want to say thank you for everything. Thank you for not overlooking the guy at the train station. Thank you for not viewing his status as a single father as a burden that you had no desire to carry. And thank you for not writing off his daughter as excess baggage that you wanted absolutely no parts of.

Thank you for embracing me as your own though you already had a child. Thank you for bringing me into a loving family that is more connected than my own immediate family. Thank you for always wanting me to have the best. Thank you for showing me how to be a lady and for teaching me things like how to do my hair and how to take care of my body. Thank you for always seeing my potential when others didn’t, and for always complimenting me – especially the times when I didn’t feel so pretty.

Thank you for your discipline, and for loving me enough to allow me to learn some things the hard way.

Thank you for always encouraging me to try new things, and for making me do things that didn’t fall into my idea of fun (like writing out definitions from the dictionary and getting up early every morning for prayer). Thank you for helping me understand the importance of hard work, and for reprimanding me whenever I slacked off.

Thank you for baking treats for me to take to school, and for expanding my diet to include more than rice, sweet potatoes and mac ‘n’ cheese! Thank you for all the times you let me sit in the kitchen and watch you cook, and for all the times that you just let me sit and talk. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice – and for never hesitating to tell me the truth – even if I didn’t want to hear it.

Thank you for making my tenth birthday one that I still remember to this day. For all the outings and trips we took: to the zoo and museum, Wisconsin Dells and Montreal, downtown to the Taste, the boat rides on Lake Michigan and the neighborhood carnivals…thank you. Thank you for taking me swimming at the YWCA, and for making sure I was at the library every two weeks.

Thank you for still trusting me even after I let you down, and for always speaking highly of me when my actions didn’t warrant that. Thank you for forgiving my mistakes and for helping me get back on track. Thank you for the many times you came to my rescue and defense when Dad was ready to hang me out to dry…for being the voice of reason.

Thank you for teaching me stay true to my values, and for always reminding me what’s most important – like maintaining my walk with Christ, and stopping to think of others, not just myself. Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself. Thank you for listening to my problems. Thank you for laughing with me, and for making me laugh. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for always providing for me through the years. Thank you for helping Dad understand when it was time to let go.

Thank you for always knowing the right words to say when I get discouraged and when it feels like everything around me is crumbling.

Thank you for supporting my dreams and applauding my successes. Thank you for staying strong for me, Doug and the kids when you have your own fair share of concerns. Thank you for taking care of Dad – for making sure he has everything he needs and for being everything he needs. In this, you’ve shown me how to be a virtuous woman and a godly wife.

For all your sacrifices and your unconditional love, I truly appreciate you. I know we’ve bumped heads over the years, but I’m so thankful for how our relationship has evolved. When I think about how for so long people didn’t realize you weren’t my birth mother, I smile because it speaks to your character as a person. You’ve been better to me and done so much more for me than my own mother. I don’t say that to slight her, but to point out how in all the years I’ve known you, you never put yourself on a pedestal to remind me of what you’ve done. Thank you. I love you and I pray that God continues to give you the desires of your heart.

Love always,


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