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Date Night in a Bag (A Game of Creativity for Couples)

If you’re looking for an activity for your next couples game night that will keep you laughing and requires minimal prep, this is the game for you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the outside-of-the-box type. If there’s a way to do something outside of the norm, that’s the way I tend to go – especially if it involves getting creative and engaging people. And I usually bring my husband along for the ride. That’s what happened with Date Night in a Bag. My husband and I both love games. So, when we were tasked with finding a game for a date night event at church, your girl here was all over that one.

My husband and I both wanted to do something fun. I wanted something fun and different. I scoured my go-to resources for ideas, but got nothing. Then I looked around the house for ideas...aha! (in my Eddie Murphy-Coming to America-voice).


  • Plastic sandwich bags (one per person)

  • 5-6 small items per bag (think mini candy bars, tea candles, buttons, hotel key cards, plastic utensils, etc.) The more random the item, the better.

  • Pens

  • Note cards

  • Timer

How it Works:

Each player receives a bag of items, a pen and a note card. Using ALL of the items in his/her bag, have each player describe their perfect date. Allow 10-15 minutes for players to craft their perfect date and write it down on their note cards. (Note: while couples may be seated together, they should not collaborate when creating their dates.)

Sample Perfect Date

We’ll start the evening at home where I’ll cook your favorite meal. We’ll dine over candlelight and afterwards, we’ll head over to a king suite at the Sheraton. I’ll call for room service, order a tray of your favorite desserts and feed them to you with a spoon. I’ll slip into something lace…and then…we’ll take a trip to the Milky Way.


There really are no rules, no limitations. Be as creative as you’d like. With that being said, if you’re on the bashful side or if you’re uncomfortable with a little edginess, this might not be the game for you. For all others, play on!

Once everyone’s finished writing, and depending on the number of players, allow anyone who’s willing, an opportunity to share their perfect date.

That’s it! It doesn’t really get much simpler than that. Be creative. Have fun. And of course…follow through on your dates!

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